Product supplied in a Black or Orange casing, depending on factory stock at the time of purchase.

SMT8 Turbo Fueller Kit (Includes SMT8 & 2.5 Bar Manifold Pressure Sensor.


  • 2.5 Bar Manifold Pressure Sensor
  • SMT8 Piggy-Back Engine Management System

The SMT8 piggy-back system follows in the footsteps of the popular SMT6 and SMT7 products, but with unparalleled performance and a quantum leap of technical innovation. This is all possible with the latest 16 bit DSP processors, crammed full of features that you've never seen before. The SMT8 is ideal for the professional tuner and engine builder at a cost competitive price.

One of the features is the fully programmable engine protection, which monitors the engine's performance. Should anything exceed the engine's specifications, the SMT8 will gradually reduce the engine's power after a programmable time delay, in essence looking after your engine. This is absolute MAGIC!

The external display output is also new for the SMT8 series. It allows our digital display to receive data from the SMT8 and selectively display the desired value without the presence of a PC. The displays are  small with bright attractive LED colour options. Multiple values can be displayed on a single display by simply toggling between them.

An average installation consists of connecting 6 wires to the vehicle's ECU wiring loom, changing the settings of the SMT8 in the setup section of the LetRipp II Tuning Software and voila - you are ready to re-tune the vehicle. An experienced installer can install an SMT8 unit within 30 minutes for a basic installation. The primary features of the SMT8 will take longer to install, simply because there are more wires, but it is worth the wait.

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  • R3,950.00

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Product supplied in a Black or Orange casing depending on factory stock at the time of purchase.The..


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