Product supplied in a Black or Orange casing depending on factory stock at the time of purchase.

The SMT8 piggy-back system follows in the footsteps of the popular SMT6 and SMT7 products, but with unparalleled performance and a quantum leap of technical innovation. This is all possible with the latest 16 bit DSP processors, crammed full of features that you've never seen before. The SMT8 is ideal for the professional tuner and engine builder at a cost competitive price.

One of the features is the fully programmable engine protection, which monitors the engine's performance. Should anything exceed the engine's specifications, the SMT8 will gradually reduce the engine's power after a programmable time delay, in essence looking after your engine. This is absolute MAGIC!

The external display output is also new for the SMT8 series. It allows our digital display to receive data from the SMT8 and selectively display the desired value without the presence of a PC. The displays are  small with bright attractive LED colour options. Multiple values can be displayed on a single display by simply toggling between them.

An average installation consists of connecting 6 wires to the vehicle's ECU wiring loom, changing the settings of the SMT8 in the setup section of the LetRipp II Tuning Software and voila - you are ready to re-tune the vehicle. An experienced installer can install an SMT8 unit within 30 minutes for a basic installation. The primary features of the SMT8 will take longer to install, simply because there are more wires, but it is worth the wait.

The SMT8 can drive two extra injectors (13 ohm each) for supplementing fuel at high boost. The extra injector can be controlled via Throttle/RPM, AMP and Engine Temp. Maps. This allows for precise fuel delivery at boost conditions - a feature which is very popular with turbo and supercharger installations.

Set-points is a feature which makes the SMT8 stand apart from the other piggy-back chips. It allows for the implementation of gear shift lights, fan control, idle assistance to mention a few.  It has three relay outputs which can be switched on via 14 different signal sources. All set-point functions can be combined in a logical fashion, and full polarity (higher than/lower than) selection is possible, even switching between the two operating maps is possible.

Two full operating maps (Map A and Map B) are present in the SMT8. Each operational map is capable of being switched into operation in real time while you drive or even when your set-point function comes true. Switching between the two maps can also be achieved by having an external dash board switch installed, having one operational map for max power and the other for fuel consumption. The options are endless! The LetRipp II software is able to switch and lock operational maps to facilitate the tuning process.

Two wide band LSU-4 channels can be tuned simultaneously with the SMT8 version 3. This feature is the major difference between version 2. A large 16 x 24 map (384 tune sites) allows for the precise AFR (Lambda) signal modification via the two wide band inputs and outputs. The AFR is mapped via Throttle/RPM, AMP and Engine Temperature. Two narrow band AFR (Lambda) probes can also be tuned simultaneously with the two wide band probes. This feature is invaluable for V6 and V8 applications where there are two wide band probes and two narrow band probes. All 4 lambda probes can be tuned at the same time with one SMT8 unit.

Detailed HELP is available on the unit while the software screen is open. Simply move your mouse over an item and right click and hold down the button.  A help description will appear detailing the function of that item. This help feature is invaluable because you get the help from the unit and not from an out of date printed manual. The software manual is also provided with every purchase and should be used as a reference guide, where the item help should be treated as the Holy Grail.

The mapping of all this is done via a high speed USB port and the user friendly, state-of-the-art LetRipp II Tuning Software. All tuning is done in real time and all entered values have immediate effect on the  operation of the unit. All in all the SMT8 is the best piggy-back system on the market.

The Perfect Power dashboard display unit for use with Perfect Power units.


The SMT8 will be packaged as follows. The SMT8-T has two available kits :

  • 1 X SMT8 Regular Controller (Orange casing)
  • 1 x SMT8 Regular Wiring Harness
  • 1 x Package Box - SMALL


  • System Definition - Tailor The Unit To Your Application
  • Ignition Advance / Retard Limits - Restricts Ignition Modification Range
  • Start Second Specification - Prevents Action After Power-Up
  • Analogue Upper / Lower Limits - Prevents Analogue Over-Ranging
  • Frequency Modification - Tune a Frequency Airflow Meter
  • Prevents Frequency Over-Ranging
  • Boost Control - Controls The Turbo Boost
  • Boost Loop Gain Parameter - Set The Boost Control Gain
  • Cut Protection Action - Signal Cut When Protected
  • Retard Protection Action - Retards Ignition When Protected
  • Modify Protection Action - Proportional Protection
  • Frequency Protection - Protects a Frequency Signal
  • AMP Protection - Protects an AMP Signal
  • Engine Temp. Protection - Protects the Engine Temperature
  • Air Temp. Protection - Protects the Air Temperature
  • RPM Protection - Protects RPM
  • Time Before Protection Action - Specify Time Before Action Takes Place
  • Ignition Window - For Not So Perfect Crank Signals
  • Analog Modification Channels - Allows You To Map Two Engine Signals
  • Wide Band AFR Modification - Allows Two Banks AFR Tuning
  • Narrow Band AFR Modification - Two After-CAT Modifications
  • Tune Narrow From Wide AFR - Map Both Narrow and Wide AFR Together
  • CUT AMP & ENGT Protection - Cut Protection With Logical AND
  • Retard AMP & ENGT Protection - Retard Protection With Logical AND
  • External Display Specification - Tailor Your Display Needs
  • TPS Calibration - Adopt To Your TPS Sensor
  • TPS Direction - Specify Up/Down Direction
  • Engine Temp. Calibration - Two-Point Adaptation To Your Engine
  • Air Temp. Calibration - Two-Point Adaptation To Your Engine
  • AMP Calibration - Linear Adaptation To Your Engine Sensor
  • RPM Calibration - Set The Operating Range
  • Set-Point Control - Operates Any 3 Outputs
  • Two RPM Set Points - Switch Action on RPM Limit
  • Two Temperature Set Points - Switch Action On Temperature
  • One AMP Set Point - Switch Action On AMP
  • One TPS Set Point - Switch Action on TPS
  • Two Analogues Input Set Points - Switch Action on Two Analogue Inputs
  • Two Analogues Output Set Points - Switch Action on Two Analogue Outputs
  • Two Narrow AFR Set Points - Switch Action on Narrow AFR
  • Two Wide AFR Set Points - Switch Action on Wide AFR
  • Two Injection Set Points - Switch Action On Injection Length
  • One Boost Set Point - Switch Action On Boost
  • Logical Combination of Set Points - Logical AND, OR
  • Map Switching From Set Points - Invoke Different Tuning Map
  • External Display Testing - Verifies the External Display Functions
  • Teeth Per Injection Setting - Operates The External Injector Timing
  • Teeth Per Crank Turn - Adapt To Your Crank Trigger Wheel
  • Edges Per Crank Turn - Adapt To Your Crank Trigger Wheel
  • Acceleration Enrichment - Extra Fuel When It's Needed
  • Ignition Map with 384 Points - For Three Dimensional Ignition Tuning
  • Ignition AMP Map - Provides AMP Ignition Tuning
  • Ignition Engine Temp. Map - Provides Engine Temperature Ignition
  • Ignition Air Temp. Map - Provides Air Temp. Ignition Tuning
  • 7 Steps Per Degree Ignition - Very Fine Ignition Replica
  • Injection Map with 384 Points - Two Maps For Two Injection Activation
  • Injection AMP Side Map - Provides AMP Injection Tuning
  • Injection AMP Side Map - Provides AMP Injection Tuning
  • Injection Engine Temp. Side Map - Provides Engine Temp. Injection Tuning
  • Injection Air Temp. Side Map - Provides Air Temp. Injection Tuning
  • Analogue Maps with 384 Points - For Fine Tuning of Two Analogue Signals
  • Analogue AMP Side Map - Provides Analogue AMP Tuning
  • Analogue Engine Temp. Side Map - Provides Analogue Engine Temp. Tuning
  • Analogue Air Temp. Side Map - Provides Analogue Air Temp. Tuning
  • Frequency or PWM Tuning - Both Signals Can Be Tuned
  • Frequency Map With 384 Points - For Fine Tuning a Frequency/PWM Signal
  • Frequency AMP Side Map - Provides Frequency AMP Tuning
  • Frequency Engine Temp. Side Map - Provides Frequency Engine Temp. Tuning
  • Frequency Air Temp. Side Map - Provides Frequency Air Temp. Tuning
  • Boost Basic PWM Setting - Two PWM Settings For Different Loads
  • Boost Air Temp. Map - Different PWM Settings For Different Loads
  • Boost Target Map - Precise Boost Target Control
  • Manual Map Switching - From The Dashboard
  • Automatic Map Switching - From The Set Point Control
  • PC Map Switching - For Loading Set Ups Into Different Maps
  • USB 2.0 Communication - Communication And Optional Power
  • Built-In Factory Test - With Dates and Results
  • Administration Text Field - For Saving Manufacturing Data
  • Dealer Info Text Field - For Dealer Identification
  • Branding Text Field - Branding Information
  • Password Text Field - Access Control
  • Maximum RPM Recording - User Retrievable Recording
  • Maximum Engine Temp. Record - User Retrievable Recording
  • Maximum Air Temperature - User Retrievable
  • Maximum AMP Recording - User Retrievable
  • Fault Indication On All Major Items - Easy Installation And Trouble Shooting
  • Re-Flash Enabled - Field Upgradeable
  • Altitude Compensation - For Influencing Fuel Mixture
  • Comprehensive Help Text - Easy Understanding Without Manual
  • 27 Point Hardware Test Procedure - Tests Every Hardware Function
  • Engine Real-Time Data - For Monitoring And Display


Download the support documentation for the SMT8 Piggy-Back engine management unit:

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SMT8 Kit

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